• PaloSanto CDs Amethyst Package
  • Palo Santo Holy Wood Close Up
  • Smudging with Palo Santo Holy Wood
  • Divine Inspirational Flow CD Cover
  • Divine Inspirational Flow Back for massage
  • Divine Inspirational Flow Inside Cover CD for meditation
  • Intentional Flow CD Cover
  • Intentional Flow Inside Cover Healing Music
  • Intentional Flow CD Back Cover Crystal Singing Bowl Music
  • Amethyst Tumbled Stone

North Star Meditation Package


Enhance your metaphysical journey with this meditation booster package.


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A Perfect Combination

Hold on to your purple amethyst stone while listening to my sound healing music and raising your vibration with Palo Santo Holy Wood. 

This is perfect add on for yourself or as a gift for that loved one.

Expand upon your experience even more and wear your favorite Rita’s Rainbow Jewelry.

Additional information

Weight3 oz
Dimensions5 × 1 × 1 in


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