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Spiritual Stone Necklace – Iolite



  • Iolite Cabochon
  • Amethyst Bead
  • Lapis Lazuli Bead
  • Black Spinel Bead

>Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

>Pendants are approximately: 2 7/16 x ⅝ x ¼ inches (68 x 14 x 6 mm)

>Chain NOT Included

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Sacred Geometry Necklace

Shine Brightly To Live Fully

A piece of merkaba jewelry is a must have for those on a spiritual path.  This iolite necklace with a merkaba charm is truly a powerhouse for transformational growth.

 Iolite will shine a light on the issues you need to work with and help you move past the fear that keeps you from deep self-exploration.  It also aids in healing old wounds and keeps you calm during chaotic times. 

This charm is a sacred geometry symbol that represents connection of light, body, and spirit.  The merkabah is a highly effective tool for creating balance between opposing forces and raising your vibration.  It will allow you to use unconditional love to heal yourself and others. 

The other stone beads in this spiritual stone necklace amplify and support these dynamics (Read more about each below).  Spinel is particularly perfect for this because it grounds the high frequencies of the other stones down into the body.

Your sacred geometry necklace will turn you into a Shining Example as you evolve. 

Put this on and work with it every day so that you can:

  • Look within yourself to address what needs changing
  • Heal from the past and clear a way to the future
  • Have the energy of a spiritual warrior

I created this spiritual stone necklace by hand using a teardrop iolite cabochon, 2mm amethyst bead, 2mm lapis bead, 2mm black spinel bead, sterling silver wire, sterling silver merkaba charm, and loads of love and reiki energy.

Natural stones vary slightly, so the piece that you receive may differ from the pictures above. Don’t worry, all of them are beautiful and I choose each one intuitively just for you!

For other jewelry that can help on your spiritual journey check out the whole Luminous Soul Collection.

Discover the power of stones working together

•Encourages calmness during chaos
•See ways past life’s stumbling blocks
•Amplify your inner vision
•Shine a light on the issues you need to work with
•Bypass the fear to allow exploration of your deepest self
•Heal old wounds
•Good for soul retrieval and shamanic journeying

Works with the Third Eye Chakra

“Mer” is Light, “Ka” is Spirit, and “Ba” is Body. The merkaba is a shape made of 2 intersecting tetrahedrons that spin in opposite directions. It is said this creates a 3D energy field that you can activate for meditation and to find the path to enlightenment.

•Like Yin and Yang creates balance between opposing energies

•Enables us to feel unconditional love for healing of self and others

•Offers protection by raising your vibration and the spinning effect of the two tetrahedrons

•Offers spiritual protection because of its high vibration
•Clears negative energy and attachments
•Allows for easier meditation and psychic development
•Helpful for grieving process

Works with Chakras:
•Third Eye
•Etheric (8th & beyond, above the head)

•Discover your own royal nature through deep self-exploration
•Spiritual guidance through visions
•Help issues with throat and headaches
•Stimulates desire for knowledge and understanding

Works with Chakras:
•Third Eye

•Replenish and revitalize your energy
•Renews hope
•Opens the mind
•Balanced grounding of high frequency

Works with all Chakras especially the Root

Iolite Merkabah Pendant In Action Video

Additional Information For You

***Your purchase includes a Gift Box!  This makes it ready to give as a gift and/or perfect to protect your item for storage. 

***Note: chain not included.

If you would like a chain to go with your pendant check these out:  Sterling Silver, Gold-Filled, and Copper Chains

Metals naturally oxidize or tarnish at different rates, copper being one of the fastest.  They darken with time and wear, lending the metals deep rich hues.  This natural process can also be done on purpose and is called adding a patina.   If you do not like when tarnishing happens you might be interested in my Helpful Jewelry Care Instructions

I infuse Reiki into all my pieces.  Reiki, as a healing energy, can be “sent” (like a blessing) to your jewelry to enhance the already existing properties of the stones.

“My creations may have imperfections that should not be seen as defects, but rather as a benefit that highlights the uniqueness of the product.  Due to differences between monitors, actual colors may differ slightly from those displayed on your screen.”

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.  For advice about any of the illnesses listed, please visit a qualified physician.

You spend so much time taking care of your outer appearance

Remember to sparkle from the inside too!

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Additional information

Weight3 oz
Dimensions3.5 × 3.5 × 1.5 in


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