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Rita wearing SurfnTurf Pendant

I am thrilled that everyone who owns one of my Rita’s Rainbow Jewelry creations is getting an authentic, quality piece of jewlery that comes from my heart, designed by me to enhance their inner and outer beauty.

-Rita Taylor
Rita’s Rainbow Jewelry CEO

Looking back on my life it’s sometimes hard to believe all the different paths I’ve followed.  The road to my self-discovery has been a long and winding one!

It seems, though, that each pursuit teaches me about myself, and leaves me with skills that I can integrate into other things.  Being a Gymnast – pushing my own limits; Pharmacist – attention to detail; High-Tech Home Electronics Installer – working with my hands; Practitioner of Healing Arts – sharing nurturing energy with others to help them feel better.  And now Jewelry Artist – all of the above!!

Growing Up

Growing up in Huron, South Dakota I always felt like I was searching for something new.  You don’t get exposed to much in such a small town!  I had a creative and wild spirit that needed something to explore.  Gymnastics channeled much of that energy through grade school and high school.  For college, I switched to a more practical pursuit and got my degree in Pharmacy.  It didn’t take long to realize that this wasn’t right for me.  I basically worked just long enough to pay off my student loans.  My first husband and I started a “Smart Home” electronics business, and while some of it was fun and interesting, once again I didn’t feel truly fulfilled.

The Right Track

It wasn’t long before I stumbled into some things that made me feel like I was finally on the right track.  It began with practicing yoga and learning Reiki, a Japanese form of energy healing work.  Soon after, I got licensed as a Massage Therapist and even traveled to Thailand to study their traditional techniques.  My first experience with singing bowls was there, but I didn’t realize how important they would be to me until later!
I was really starting to feel like I could enjoy life and be open to its possibilities.  After falling in love with the Thai people I was getting ready to move over there for a longer period when I met my Soul Mate (and now husband!) Randy, a Practitioner of Traditional Asian Medicine.  He had also “found himself”, and the two of us coming together was like a huge creative explosion.  We formed The Butterfly Rainbow Center, the first of its kind in Sioux Falls, which grew to have a metaphysical store, a classroom space, and a healing space for our therapy sessions.
Running The BRC created opportunity for even more interests to flourish.  I began utilizing the power of Sound Healing in my therapy sessions, and collected Alchemy crystal singing bowls & Himalayan metal singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and tuning forks.  In addition, I play at public events and have even produced a couple of my own CD’s (which you can purchase on this site!).  I have also explored traditional dance, mostly Hula and Belly Dance, and participated in large conferences in Las Vegas.

Jewelry Artist

And, of course, the crystals started talking to me as I spent time in our store, which eventually led to designing jewelry.  It’s hard for me to believe, but it’s been over a decade since I made my first piece!  Creating the jewelry fit so naturally into my life by combining early loves, skills I’ve picked up along the way, and a new appreciation for the power and beauty of stones.  Sometimes as I am working I recall fond memories of the joy I would get by straightening out the snarled mess in my sister’s jewelry box, and of making beadwork jewelry with my mom.  I guess sometimes that path we walk through life comes around in a circle after all!
Thanks & Blessings,
P.S. – If you live near southeastern South Dakota, I provide a variety of therapeutic services. To see a list of these services and find information on booking appointments, check out   rrtransformationalhealing.com

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